Deadly Exchange Video References and Resources

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Below you’ll find some additional resources, references, and analysis related to the content in our intro video to the campaign. We’ve organized it by key quotes in the video for easy exploration.

Under the banner of “counter-terrorism” training, officials visit Israeli checkpoints, settlements, prisons, secret service, and airports. In each of these sites, human rights groups have documented Israeli discrimination, repression, torture, and killing of Palestinians.

  • For further information on the uses of the “counter-terrorism” frame as the justification for racist and oppressive policies and practices, check out these resources:
    • Regarding the documentation of the violence and oppression enacted through checkpoints and at other sites of Israeli occupation, see our annotated itinerary of the ADL’s National Counter Terrorism Seminar trip. Scroll through the itinerary for detailed links about each of the sites visited and documented human rights abuses at each one.
    • See Policing “Radicalization”, Part IV, beginning on page 868, for a discussion of the specific harms enacted on Muslim and Arab communities in the U.S. under the guise of counter-terrorism policies.
    • Inventing terrorists: the nexus of intelligence and Islamophobia: an exploration of the institutions and individuals that contribute to U.S.-Israel collaboration around “terrorism”, their links to the Islamophobia industry, the kinds of Islamophobic policies/practices that emerge from this collaboration, and the horrifying consequences for Muslim communities in the U.S.
    • See No SWAT Zone: Resisting Police Militarization under Trump for analysis of how SWAT trainings and weapons expos like Urban Shield are promoted as counter-terrorism trainings, geared towards defending the nation against radical Islam, when in reality SWAT teams are overwhelmingly deployed against poor, majority non-Muslim communities of color in the U.S.

These exchange trips occur in the context of larger US/Israel security collaboration, which includes a constant flow of weaponry.

  • For further information, check out the following resources:
  • JVP’s backgrounder: Israel’s Request for $50 Billion in Military Aid Over Ten Years
      • Naomi Klein’s acclaimed book The Shock Doctrine includes an entire section about the growth of Israel’s homeland security industry. She writes: “Overnight, Israel became, in the words of Forbes magazine, ‘the go-to country for antiterrorism technologies.’ Every year since 2002, Israel has played host to at least a dozen major homeland security conferences for lawmakers, police chiefs, sheriffs and CEOs from around the world…As traditional tourism suffered…this kind of official counterterror tourism emerged to partially fill the gap.” She continues: “These are not policy conferences, but highly lucrative trade shows designed to demonstrate the prowess of Israeli security firms. As a result, Israel’s exports in counter terrorism-related products and services increased by 15 percent in 2006 and were projected to grow by 20 percent in 2007, totalling $1.2 billion annually.” She later quotes Len Rosen, a prominent Israeli investment banker in saying “It’s security that matters more than peace.”
  • Israel’s booming secretive arms trade. “Other states need Israel’s expertise, and that ensures its place at the table with the big players. It gives Israel international influence way out of keeping with its size. In turn, the hegemonic states exert no real pressure on Israel to give up the occupied territories because of their mutually reinforcing interests.”


These exchanges build relationships between officials who work for both the US or Israeli government and also private arms and security industries.


A major focus of the exchange trips is how to expand existing surveillance practices in both countries, with little regard for human or civil rights.

  • Read our participant profiles for detailed descriptions of the flow of surveillance technology and practices between agencies like the NYPD or LAPD and Israel as supported by the police exchange programs.


Ideology: The exchange trips advance racist policies and target social justice movements as security threats.


So who’s going on these exchanges?

  • Officers from the NYPD that profile Muslim and Arab communities, surveilling every mosque within 100 miles of New York City and beyond.
  • Officers who lead police departments that brutalize black and brown communities. The former St Louis Police Chief Timothy Fitch trained with the Israeli military three years before Michael Brown’s killing and the Ferguson uprising.


So who leads these exchange trips?

  • For detailed information about who facilitates the exchange programs, check out our FAQ