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We’re building coalitions and power across the country to advance the goals of the Deadly Exchange campaign and the movements to #DefundPolice and end militarized violence worldwide.

From challenging the militarization of our communities through direct action, to holding institutions accountable for their complicity in police violence and Israeli apartheid, the Deadly Exchange campaign is a powerful vehicle for dismantling violent structures and buildilng real safety in their place. We’re excited to be in this work with you.

Below we’ve listed a few of the most important resources for groups to engage with in the beginning stages of launching a local campaign. For additional resources, check out the pages in the drop down menu under “Learn” on the toolbar at the top of the page.

Getting Started Worksheet 

This is stop #1 for any group considering a local DX campaign. This worksheet lays out a step-by-step process for introducing the campaign in your community, including key conversations to set up and important questions to consider!

DX ‘Getting Started’ Worksheet

Deadly Exchange Abolition Summer School Curriculum 

One of our responses to the uprisings against police violence in the Summer months of 2020 was to reinvigorate our collective learning about the structural injustices of US policing, and to reflect on the aims of the Deadly Exchange campaign within this wider frame. Domestic policing and foreign warfare are and have always been part of the same project of building the US Empire and maintaining racial hierarchies. This curriculum helps provide the foundational knowledge needed to build an ethical, accountable, and impactful Deadly Exchange campaign.

Abolition Summer School materials

Deadly Exchange Campaign Toolkit 

This toolkit lays out the various options for engaging in Deadly Exchange work – campaign “tracks” – and details the step-by-step campaign plans for each track. It also includes links to all the resources you’ll need for a successful campaign!

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Talking Points 

Our top-line campaign messaging and succinct responses to commonly asked questions.

DX Talking Points

Community Safety Resource List

As we work to end US-Israel police exchange programs and dismantle policing, we need to build real safety systems in their place – systems rooted in solidarity and community. The Community Safety Resource List offers critical resources for that work, including tools for building police-free safety plans for congregations and places of worship.

Community Safety Resource List

Hashkeveinu Community Safety Network

This listserv is a place for Jewish community members to discuss how to keep our communities safe and thriving from an abolitionist, decarceral and non-/anti-Zionist perspective. We are a network of synagogues, independent Jewish communities, havurot, minyanim and individuals who care about protecting ourselves from antisemitic violence, while recognizing the imperative to divest from policing and state surveillance.You can request to join the listserv here!